New Black ‘Powerbeats Pro’ Wireless Headphones Leak in iOS 12.2 [PICS]

9to5Mac’s Guilherme Rambo is back at it again with his sleuthing skills and has discovered another product leak within iOS 12.2.

Remember recent rumours of black AirPods with a textured grip? That turned out to be false as AirPods 2 launched with the exact same slippery design and in white.

But not so fast, mister. Those rumours of wireless headphones in black and a textured surface for grip are actually upcoming sports-oriented Powerbeats Pro, as discovered by Rambo within iOS 12.2, which was released today:

Hidden in iOS 12.2 are animations and images that showcase Powerbeats without any sort of connecting wire. In terms of design, they’re nearly identical to Powerbeats3, but truly wireless much like AirPods. The glyphs show Powerbeats Pro in black and white color variations.

Check out the leaked images below, which show off the black charging case and also standalone Powerbeats Pro wireless headphones:


Powerbeats pro 9to5mac

CNET reported last week Apple was said to launch a new version of Powerbeats wireless headphones, which are rumoured to also include the latest H1 chip, found within AirPods 2, for faster connections speeds and also always on “Hey Siri”. Battery life is also rumoured to be improved in the upcoming version of these wireless Powerbeats. Maybe the charging case will support wireless too, like the new Wireless Charging Case for AirPods?