Virgin Mobile Price Increase: Legacy $5 Tablet Flex Data Plan Now $10 for 10MB

If you’re a customer of Bell flanker brand Virgin Mobile and you’re on the company’s legacy Tablet Flex data plan from six years ago, a price increase has arrived.

When the Big 3 started selling cellular iPad mini and iPad models back in 2013 (iPhone 5 days!), a tablet flex plan was available starting at $5 per month for 10MB of data. Once customers exceeded the 10MB of data, the next tier moved to $20 for 1GB and after that, it went to $40 for 5GB of data.

According to iPhone in Canada reader Sean, he held onto this legacy tablet data plan because it was “cheap enough” to retain it and he didn’t want to lose it, even with his occasional usage.

But in his latest March bill from Virgin Mobile, he noticed the base price of the plan had doubled from $5 to $10, for the same starting 10MB of data:

Virgin mobile tablet flex data

There was no warning of the price increase, but Sean says he received a letter from Virgin Mobile only after the fact.

Price increases from the country’s incumbent carriers are not uncommon. Earlier this year, Bell and Virgin Mobile, along with its rivals increased the price of their 2017 holiday promo plan to $65 per month for 10GB of data.

We’ve reached out to Virgin Mobile for comment on the price increase and will update this post accordingly.