Newest Tesla Model S Now Travels Up to 595 km on a Single Charge

The newest Tesla Model S and Model X electric cars to come off the line this week are getting a substantial boost in performance and range.

According to a new press release from the electric car maker, the updated Model S Long Range can now travel 595 kilometres (370 miles) on a single charge, while the new Model X Long Range can keep going for 523 kilometres (325 miles) using the same 100kWh battery pack.

According to the company, the extra range comes from better cooling, lubrication, and bearings, along with better gear designs.

“Pairing a permanent magnet motor in the front with an induction motor in the rear enables unparalleled range and performance at all times,” reads the press release.

“The net effect is a more than 10% improvement in range, with efficiency improvements in both directions as energy flows out of the battery during acceleration and back into the battery through regenerative braking,” the press release continues.

Tesla says the improved drivetrain will be available in all Model S and Model X trims, bringing improvements in range, power, torque, and acceleration no matter which battery pack you choose.

Tesla also announced that Model S and Model X vehicles can now be charged up to 50 percent faster than before, achieving 200 kW on the automaker’s proprietary V3 Superchargers and 145 kW on V2 Superchargers. All Model S and X variants will also receive an upgraded adaptive air suspension with predictive damping adjustment.

Model S Standard Range starts at $94,000 CAD; Long Range, $107,900; Performance, $122,700. Model X adds $5000-6000 CAD to each price.