Here’s What Tesla’s Autopilot Technology ‘Sees’ in Real-Time [VIDEO]

A captivating new interactive 360º video shows what it looks like from a self-driving Tesla sedan’s point of view as it navigates a winding road.

There have been a number of previous videos that have attempted to show what Tesla’s Autopilot technology sees as one drives a Model S down the road, but never before has there been a completely 360º interactive and immersive representation.

The video’s creator, Pranav Kodali, took pointers from some of the previous videos, using data from Autopilot to stitch together a completely 360º video.

“A visualization of the data eight autopilot cameras see when driving on the famous Tail of the Dragon course,” explains Kodali in the video’s description. “Data for visualization was taken directly from an autopilot 2.5 car.”

It’s unclear what model the Tesla is, but Kodali said it was running Autopilot 2.5 – the latest version of the firm’s proprietary self-driving computers. Tesla first announced Autopilot 2.5 last fall, which is built with more computing power and is included in Model 3, Model S and Model X vehicle.

Over the past few months, Tesla has rolled out a number of Autopilot updates which not only enhance the driving experience but improve overall reliability and performance.

In related news, Tesla will release a new upgrade to its cars’ Summon feature that will allow the vehicles to follow parking signs, find empty slots, park automatically, and most importantly, allow you to drive it like a giant RC car.