2019 iPhones to Feature Triple Camera Array, 2020 Models to Feature Full-Screen Touch ID: Barclays

An analyst has made a number of predictions regarding both this year’s and next year’s iPhone models.

According to Barclays analyst Blayne Curtis (via MacRumors), who met with some of Apple’s suppliers in Asia earlier this month, this year’s iPhone lineup will be very similar to last year’s in terms of design, with the only real noticeable change being the additional rear camera and the expanded camera bump.

As far as internals go, this year’s models will reportedly remove the 3D touch feature in favor of Haptic Touch, a trend seen in last year’s iPhone XR. This year’s iPhone XR successor will also receive an increase in memory from 3GB to 4GB. It’s not currently known whether the two flagship iPhone models will gain more RAM, although it’s likely they will.

Samsung is expected to supply the large majority of the OLED displays for the flagship models, with LG picking up the slack as a secondary supplier.

As for the 2020 iPhone models, Curtis predicts 5G support alongside a 3D-sensing camera present in the rear sensor array. Curtis also predicts the arrival of full-screen Touch ID, made possible by acoustic fingerprint technology, much like the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Interestingly, “a few suppliers” mentioned the potential arrival of an “iPhone SE 2” with iPhone 8 internals in early 2020, but other suppliers had no knowledge of such a device.

Production for the models is reportedly expected to begin soon, with manufacturing ramping up to capacity between July and August ahead of the official unveiling in September.