Koodo Offering $55/10GB Retention Plan with 2GB Bonus for Some Customers [u]

Telus flanker brand Koodo appears to be offering some customers a $55/10GB plan with unlimited nationwide calling and texting, through their retentions department.

According to a thread on RFD, some users have been able to get this $55/10GB plan, to go with a 2GB data bonus for 12 months, while some were able to get the extra bonus data without an expiry. Some also mentioned this plan comes with 1,000 international minutes.

Others posting on RFD noted they were able to get this $55/10GB plan by mentioning the competing $56/10GB plan being offered by Virgin Mobile.

Currently, Koodo offers a $75/9GB and $85/12GB plan in B.C., so this $55/10GB plan is much cheaper than current offerings.

Again, your mileage may vary (YMMV), but if you were planning to leave Koodo, speaking to their retentions department as a last ditch effort may nab you a decent 10GB plan, with some time spent on the phone (patience, my precious). Let us know how you fare on the phone with Koodo.

Below is an image of this $55/10GB plan, shared by a user on RFD, confirming it does exist, with some customers in Ontario and Quebec noting they were able to get the plan, after multiple phone calls:

Update: A Koodo spokesperson reached out to iPhone in Canada to say, “we do not have an offer available like this,” adding, “customers can visit the Koodo website to see in the in-market plans available,” despite the plan being added by some customers.