Virgin Mobile Launches $75/10GB Plan, Matching Koodo and Fido

Koodo and Fido yesterday launched a $75/10GB plan with $10/100MB data overages and now as expected, Virgin Mobile has followed suit with the same plan of their own.

Virgin Mobile’s website has been updated to list a new $75/10GB plan, with unlimited Canada-wide minutes and global SMS/MMS.

Other plans listed include $50/4GB and $55/6GB plans with 500 anytime Canada-wide minutes, to go with a $35 plan with 500 minutes and pay-per-use data, and a $28 plan with 1GB data and pay-per-use minutes.Virgin mobile $75 10gb plan

Back in May, flanker brands offered $60/8GB, $70/9GB, $80/12GB and $110/15GB plans with 500 minutes including data bonuses, but now plan options have been limited to three price points between $50-$75 for those with data.

Rogers, Telus and Bell all have $75/10GB ‘no overage’ plans, which throttle speeds after initial data buckets exceeded. Rogers and Bell throttle speeds down to 256 kbps, while Telus throttles to 512 kbps.