Tesla Now Offers Free, Unlimited Supercharging for Model S and Model X Owners

Free and unlimited supercharging is back for owners of Model S and Model X cars, Tesla has announced — which means drivers can access the Supercharger network and juice up their vehicles at no extra cost.

One of the big early selling points of the Tesla Model S was free, unlimited access to Tesla’s Supercharging network. After being limited to referrals before being axed entirely, free lifetime Supercharging is back for all new Tesla Model S and Model X orders.

Tesla has used unlimited Supercharging as an incentive before, offering it on used Model S and Model X inventory. In this case, the company may be pushing buyers toward the flagship products instead of the Model 3.

It’s a perk that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has previously described as “unsustainable”, though this latest decision suggests it makes business sense for the more expensive models in the company’s range. The company is hoping that unlimited “fuel” will be an incentive for customers to opt for the more expensive model, even if the price of charging only accounts for a small fraction of the overall cost of the car.

Tesla probably needs to increase Model S and X sales until at least the launch of the Model Y, which combined with the Model 3, could bring enough volume and revenues to maybe finally provide for significantly upgrading the Model S/X.