Samsung Tops Apple in Smartphone Download Speeds in Canada: OpenSignal

A new report claims that Samsung smartphone owners experience faster download speeds than iPhone and Huawei smartphone owners in Canada.

OpenSignal, an independent global standard, analyzed over 23 million devices from across 72 countries from April to June in 2019. One of the main conclusions of the study is that Samsung users experienced the fastest download speeds in almost 40 countries, including Canada.

The results revealed that, of the 40 countries analyzed, Samsung users experienced faster download speeds in 35 percent of those countries. Apple users were faster in 17.5 percent of the countries analyzed, and while Huawei didn’t come in first anywhere, it did tie for fastest in seven countries. In the remaining 48 percent of the countries, two or more of the brands tied with each other.

“Given that Samsung makes a wide range of models from cheap to premium, while Apple only offers premium-priced models, this is an even more impressive result,” OpenSignal notes in its report.

The report showed that in the United States, Samsung users beat out Apple by 8.2 Mbps. However, the gap was even wider in Norway, where Samsung users saw speeds 14 Mbps faster than iPhone users.

The devices tested were split into three tiers — low-, mid-, and high-tier. Interestingly enough, each of the three top smartphone manufacturers were fastest in one tier — Samsung phones were fastest among high-tier users, while Apple users were fastest in the mid-tier, and Huawei in the low-end.

Of course, brand isn’t the only thing that dictates smartphone connectivity — higher-end phones generally have better networking technology, and thus can retain faster connections. In as many as 25 countries, high-end smartphones were at least twice as fast as low-end phones.

High-tier smartphone users in Canada and Singapore ranked just behind South Korean users with speeds of 67.1 Mbps and 65.4 Mbps, in second and third place respectively. Download speeds experienced by high-tier smartphone users in Canada was 2.9 times as fast as those experienced by low-tier smartphone users.

These results could change significantly over the next few years. As we move into an era of 5G, certain companies, like Qualcomm, are poised to be top players in the modem market.

Read OpenSignal’s complete report here.

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