Apple Watch Getting New Student-Focused ‘Schooltime’ Mode, Complications, More

Apple is said to be working on a new Apple Watch feature specifically aimed at students, allowing them to block certain content during school hours.

The purpose of the upcoming feature is to help students focus by blocking “access to apps, complications, and notifications,” reads a new report from MacRumors. Critical things like emergency calls and alerts would obviously not be blocked.

According to the report, the feature — supposedly called “Schooltime Mode” — will be similar to the existing “Do Not Disturb” mode in the sense that it will be able to block notifications, but it will also block the user’s access to apps and complications on the watch, essentially rending the Apple Watch a regular timekeeper during those set hours.

How the feature works exactly is still unknown, but it’s likely a type of settings macro, with users or parents having the ability to customize app restrictions in the Apple Watch app for iOS prior to automatic or manual activation. As hinted at in its name, Schooltime can be set to trigger based on a preset time of day, the report said.

In addition to the upcoming sleep-tracking feature for the Apple Watch, MacRumors also reported on upcoming “Apple Watch complications, including ones for Altitude, Latitude, Longitude, and Sleep,” as well as “new low-light photo settings in the stock Camera app and possibly a new Tournaments feature in Game Center for multiplayer games.”

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