TransLinks Now Accepts AMEX via Apple Pay and Contactless Credit Cards

Translink amex tap pay

In May 2018, Metro Vancouver’s TransLink launched support for tap payments via MasterCard and Visa via credit cards and mobile wallets, including Apple Pay.

One omission at the time was support for tap payments with American Express credit cards, but that has changed as of yesterday.

Translink american express

On September 11, American Express emailed customers to say, “You can now use your American Express Card to get around the Metro Vancouver area! Simply tap your contactless American Express Card or load it to your mobile wallet to pay across the TransLink system.”

This means travellers in Metro Vancouver can now use Apple Pay on their iPhone or Apple Watch with their American Express cards to tap and pay for fares.

Two months after TransLink launched contactless payment support, over 1 million contactless payments were made by over 160,000 unique users.

While Apple Pay support is nice, Compass Card integration into the iPhone, like other select international metros have setup, would be the ideal. But some things take a while here in B.C., don’t they?