Apple Reportedly Working on iPad and MacBook with Mini-LED Displays: Ming-Chi Kuo

Apple is reportedly working on new high-end iPad and MacBook models featuring mini-LED displays.

Famed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TF Securities reiterated a prediction he made in April, saying Apple has plans to release iPad and MacBook models with high-quality Mini-LED displays between late 2020 and mid-2021.

In a new research note (via MacRumors), Kuo expanded on his prediction, saying the iPad and MacBook displays will each use approximately 10,000 LEDs (Apple’s upcoming Pro Display XDR uses 576). Each LED is said to be below 200 microns in size, significantly smaller than those used in the Pro Display XDR, explains the report.

These iPads and MacBook models will reportedly come in 10- to 12-inch and 15- to 17-inch models, respectively, and will be priced at the higher-end of the market due to the new display technology — indicating these will be iPad Pros and MacBook Pros.

The mini-LED displays will let manufacturers create thinner and lighter products, while also offering wide colour gamut performance, high contrast, HDR, and local dimming, Kuo said. The move would also help Apple cut its reliance on Samsung OLED displays. The new panels would be produced by LG Display, with several mini-LED part suppliers to be involved in the component chain.

Kuo predicts Apple’s new Mini-LED iPad models will launch between the fourth quarter of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021, with the updated high-end MacBook models following during the first quarter and second quarter of 2021.