Koodo’s $40 Public Mobile Migration Plans Now Eligible for Medium Tab Upgrades

Koodo customers on a migration plan of either a $40/6GB, $40/8GB or $45/8GB are now seeing their plans eligible for smartphones on Medium Tab instead of Small Tab, according to RFD.

Previously, these migration plans were limited to Small Tab upgrades ($240 loan), but now they have returned to Medium Tab ($360 loan). These tabs offer further upfront discounts on your smartphone upgrades, but you pay them back over 24 months.

Koodo migration plan medium tab

“My $40 [6GB] migration plan has been reduced to small tab ever since Feb/March. Just [noticed] today it is back to medium tab eligible. Tried every phone and all are medium tab eligible,” writes user Drew81.

What does this mean? If you log into your Koodo account online, and you’re on one of these migration plans (they were offered to Public Mobile customers to switch to monthly postpaid plans), it means you can opt for a wider selection of phones, while keep your existing monthly plan.

With Black Friday deals expected in November, it may be the time to upgrade your device. Medium Tabs come with a $360 loan, which you repay at the rate of $15/month for 24 months, on top of your monthly plan.

With Google expected to announce a new Pixel 4 in one week (Canadian pricing just leaked), its older Pixel 3 models most likely will reduce in price. Older Apple iPhones will also most likely continue to drop in price, so if you’re into contract upgrades, login to your Koodo account online to see if you’re able to get phones on Medium Tab.

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