Tesla’s Smart Summon Launches in Canada: Here’s a Demo [VIDEO]

Tesla released its V10 software update in Canada in late September, but it lacked the Smart Summon feature, which lets owners have their car navigate in a parking lot to their location.

The company’s CEO, Elon Musk, said the company was planning on releasing Smart Summon last weekend, but that never happened.

As of this morning, Tesla has launched Smart Summon (Beta) in Canada, according to iPhone in Canada reader @TeslaMilton.

Smart summon tesla

Once the update is installed, users can launch Smart Summon through the Tesla mobile app. Users tap the Smart Summon icon, then to activate the feature, press and hold the ‘COME TO ME’ button. Releasing the button at any time will stop your Tesla.

According to Anthony, he tells us the feature is “pretty neat” and is “sort of a party trick but it shows the progress of the ability of the car to drive itself.” Smart Summon only works in parking lots for now.

As for a pro tip, he says “set the map on the Summon screen to satellite view. Makes it much easier to determine the destination.”

Here’s video demo of Smart Summon he filmed in a parking lot: