Teardown Reveals iPhone 11 Pro Max Estimated to Cost Apple Roughly $490.50 USD to Make

A new teardown of the iPhone 11 Pro Max has revealed roughly how much Apple pays for the entire cost of production.

According to a recent analysis by TechInsights, the 6.5-inch screen on the iPhone 11 Pro Max is eye-catching for sure, but the price? Not so bad: It cost Apple roughly $66.50 USD.

Inside the phone, the Samsung battery module is the next most obvious part — the battery inside the iPhone 11 Pro Max costs about $10.50 USD, the site says.

The triple camera system sets Apple back about $73.50 USD per phone, while the rest of the phone — a processor, the modem, and the memory, as well as the circuit boards that house them — go for about $159. And a variety of other sensors, wires, PCBs, and more required to put the whole thing together into a recognizable form factor come in around $181 USD.

TechInsights summed up the cost of production and arrived at a total of $490.50 USD. Some people may not like the idea of the iPhone 11 Pro Max being sold for more than $1,000 USD when it only takes less than $500 to make one, but it’s worth noting that the bill of materials doesn’t include the actual cost of producing the iPhone.

Apple has to pay for research and development, salaries, advertising, and more. This means the actual production cost, when factoring everything, will likely be more than the aforementioned number.

It’s important to note that the market research firm does mention that “all cost estimates provided here are compiled using information available to us at the time of the initial teardown. Some assumptions have been made where concrete data is not yet available.”

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