You Can Now Buy Google’s Nest Wifi and Nest Hub Max in Canada

Back in September, Google unveiled its new product line up ahead of this holiday season, including its next-generation Nest Wifi mesh router system, while also saying the Nest Hub Max smart speaker is coming to Canada.

As of today, you can now order the Nest Wifi and Nest Hub Max from the Google Store in Canada and other authorized retailers.

The Nest Wifi starts at $229 CAD for one router and $349 CAD for one router and one point, going up to $459 CAD for one router and two points.

The expandable system can be added to an existing Google Wifi network. We’ll be going hands-on with Nest Wifi shortly.

What’s new with Nest Wifi? It also acts as a speaker group for music and is powered by Google Assistant. This means you can now use your voice to control Wi-Fi, such as pausing it for the kids to limit online connectivity.

Nest Hub Max Debuts in Canada

The Nest Hub Max first was announced back in May and made available for the U.S., the UK and Australia, but now it’s available in Canada.

The smart speaker has a 10-inch 1080p display with a front camera, which offers video calls and home monitoring with its built-in Nest Cam. There are also stereo speakers and a 3-inch woofer on the back.

The Nest Hub Max has Face Match to give you personalized notifications, while also like the Nest Hub, makings for an excellent digital photo album when linked to your Google Photos.

For those with Nest cameras and doorbells, you’ll be able to control your smart home with the Nest Hub Max, like the Nest Hub.

The Nest Hub Max is available for $299 CAD in Canada, in colours Chalk and Charcoal.