Bell Gives 10GB Free Data and $10 Credit to Turbo Hub/Stick and MiFi Customers

Bell covid 19

Bell has started to inform customers using Turbo Hubs, Turbo Sticks and MiFi devices they will be getting some 10GB extra data for free, plus $10 bill credit, in light of those working from home due to COVID-19.

According to an email seen by iPhone in Canada, Bell states, “Starting on March 19, to assist our customers working from home during the COVID-19 situation, we will be providing our consumer and small business customers with Turbo Hubs, Turbo Sticks and MiFi devices, an extra 10 GB of domestic usage and a $10 credit on their existing plan for each of their current and next billing cycles.”

Bell says data charges incurred before March 19 still apply. It also states it’s aware many of these customers want unlimited data. Bell says, “We would love to do that as well and we are sorry that we cannot. During this unprecedented situation, the demands on wireless networks have been significantly heightened.”

The company says unlimited data for Turbo Hub/Stick and MiFi customers “would put wireless network performance at risk during a critical time for Canadians.”

“We sincerely hope the extra 10 GB of data and $10 credit provide you with more peace of mind during this situation,” concluded Bell.

Yesterday, Bell announced it would be waiving wireless roaming charges for customers, while also offering a free TV preview of select channels, due to COVID-19. The company, like other wireless carriers, have also waived data overages for internet plans.

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