Apple’s 2019 MacBook Air with AppleCare+ on Sale at Costco for $200 Off

Macbook air sale costco

Apple recently launched a new 2020 MacBook Air, bringing back its scissor-switch keyboard for the masses. But if you don’t care about the latest and greatest MacBook Air, you can save on last year’s model with included AppleCare+ at Costco right now.

The 2019 MacBook Air base model, with 8GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD, and AppleCare+ is available for $1149.99 at warehouses and online (currently out of stock), saving you $200 off the regular price of $1349.99

AppleCare+ for MacBook Air costs $279 on its own but is included with this price. So if you factor this into the sale price, you’re paying $870.99 for a 2019 MacBook Air.

13 inch macbook air costco

A new 2020 MacBook Air, with an improved keyboard, 10th-gen Intel CPU and also double the memory for the SSD at 256GB, starts at $1299 CAD. Add in AppleCare+ ($279) and you’re looking at $1578. The price difference between the two laptops with AppleCare+ is $428.01, or 37% of the Costco sale price for the 2019 model.

It’s up to you to decide which is a better value. Most would say pay extra for the 2020 model and the improved keyboard, double the storage and newer and faster CPU. But if you don’t care and want the cheapest MacBook Air based on price with AppleCare+, the Costco price is worth considering.

AppleCare+ extends your warranty to three years in total, while comes with two accidental damage incidents, which will cost you $129 each (definitely worth it if you’re clumsy).

According to, the sale goes until May 3, 2020. Stores are limiting quantities to 3 per member. You can call your local Costco to check if this MacBook Air is in stock—just press 1 for the Administrative department and give them item #5351234.