iOS 13.5 Fixes Broken Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Setting on iPhones

Last month we told you about a bug dating back to at least iOS 13.4 which was affecting broken Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings for some iPhone owners.

With Apple’s public release of iOS 13.5 yesterday, the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth bugs appear to have been fixed, according to iPhone in Canada readers.

The broken Wi-Fi and Bluetooth bug meant iPhone owners were unable to turn these crucial wireless settings on, rendering devices useless when it came to pairing an Apple Watch or wireless headphones such as AirPods. It also meant no Wi-Fi access, resulting in only precious cellular data to be used.

Apple’s solution to customers was for them to pay for an out-of-warranty replacement, which for some owners was an expensive proposition, when the error was related to an iOS bug. One can only wonder how many people paid Apple for a replacement device, only to now realize iOS 13.5 has squashed the bug.