First Tesla Model Y Delivered in Canada to Customer in Vancouver

Tesla model y blue vancouver

Image credit: Paul Carter (@ShuttleAkajor)

After receiving the delivery of a Tesla Model Y over the weekend, the Tesla store in Vancouver delivered the electric vehicle maker’s newest compact SUV to owners on Tuesday, June 9, 2020.

The occasion marked the first time a Model Y has been delivered in Canada and outside of the United States, which saw its own deliveries launch back in March.

According to photos shared by the Tesla Owners Club of British Columbia, a blue metallic Model Y can be seen in the Tesla Vancouver store on West 4th in Kitsilano. Images show the Model Y in the store with decorative “Y” helium balloons adorning the store’s back wall, along with photos of the new owners next to their car.

Paul Carter, Founder/President of Tesla Owners Club of British Columbia, told Tesla North in an interview he was invited by Tesla Vancouver to attend the momentous occasion, saying “the excitement was so energizing.” Carter said he was “ecstatic” for the new owners of the Model Y compact SUV, adding Tesla employees and other friends posed for a group photo in front of the vehicle.

A receiving lot in South Vancouver has already received numerous Model Y vehicles, with some being spotted in blue and also white.

While more Model Y deliveries are expected to take place in B.C., other reservation holders across Canada are also anticipating deliveries. Some soon-to-be Model Y owners in Ontario (Ottawa and London, to name a few cities) have already received their VINs from Tesla online, meaning delivery is most likely imminent. Others have been emailed and told to fill out their online profiles for registration, trade-in and payment info for Model Y.

Tesla today hit another milestone with its stock price surpassing $1,000 USD per share for the first time, after a ‘leaked’ memo from CEO Elon Musk said the company was ready for volume production of its Semi truck. TSLA shares closed at $1,025.05, up 8.97% for the day.