Telus LTE Network Speedtest Sees Nearly 900 Mbps Download Speeds [u]

Last month, Bell and Telus launched their initial 5G networks in Canada. We saw some initial speed tests hitting nearly 500 Mbps download speeds on Bell, but now we’re seeing some impressive speeds on the Telus LTE network.

According to speedtests performed in Kingston, Ontario, Devin Rabey was able to hit 879 Mbps download speeds on the Telus LTE network, using a Samsung Galaxy S10e, along with upload speeds of 55.7 Mbps. Check out the screenshots below:

Telus 5g speedtest Telus 5g speedtest 2

Other tests performed by Rabey also saw download speeds on Telus LTE hit 707 Mbps download and upload speeds of 52.9 Mbps.

The last time, various speedtests on Bell’s 5G network consumed 6.5GB of data by iPhone in Canada reader Donato. For Rabey’s speedtests, high amounts of LTE data were also most likely consumed for these experiments.

Telus is using Samsung 5G hardware for its initial roll out and the company is using AWS-3 bands for its 5G network.

Update: Rabey clarified these speedtests were conducted on LTE and not Telus 5G. This article has been updated to reflect the change.

Here’s how he achieved these LTE speeds:

“By using Samsung service mode. Dial *#0011# on the phone app and it brings up service mode which shows the bands that the device is connecting to. Basically when looking for high speeds. You want 4 channel Aggregation, which is shown in the service mode screen shot. Bands 2, 7, 7 & 4 are what made the speeds fly. Each band is adding 150-300mbps. By having clear line of Site to the site and having clean signal noise ratio (20+ SNR) you are able to activate 256QAM and 64QAM which enable downloads and uploads to go faster. Without 64QAM we wouldn’t have uploads that go above 50mbps. Clean signal and the right bands are all you need in Canada to achieve fast speeds. Because all towers in the city are fiber backhaul for Telus and Bell. So it’s just up to the engineers if they want the site to max out on people’s handsets.”

Rabey noted his S10e can achieve download speeds of 2 Gbps and upload of 150 Mbps.

Thanks @Drinaldii, @Devin_Rabey