TikTok Clone Zynn Returns to App Store and Google Play Store With a New Reward System

Following the recent takedown of TikTok clone from both the App Store and Google Play Store, Zynn has returned. Previously, Zynn offered a similar short-form video platform for users but with a twist of monetary gain. Users were incentivized to watch sign up, videos, and refer friends for gift cards and cash. However, upon its return, Zynn is now offering ‘Zynncheers’ points.

According to a report from The Verge, Zynn has already made its return to iOS and Android earlier this month after a brief stint of being pulled from each respective app store. The inciting incident that lead to Zynn being pulled all boiled down to credible claims of plagiarism. Multiple TikTok users with a respective follower base became aware that Zynn users were stealing their content and reuploading onto Zynn.

Additional complaints began to stem from Zynn’s reward system. Many claimed the incentive of referring friends in exchange for gift cards and cash was a akin to a pyramid scheme. Now, the monetary reward system of Zynn has been replaced by an in-app reward system dubbed Zynncheers.

While Zyncheers was first introduced back in June, it has now replaced the entire reward system on Zynn. Though, the strangest part of it all is that no one truly knows what Zyncheers can be used for, not even Zynn itself. According to Zynn, Zyncheers are a “type of credit representing community activity level.” Beyond that notion, Zynn hasn’t been able to quantify what rewards may come from an accumulation.

Over the past month, Zynn has been occasionally responding to Zyncheers inquiries on Twitter. When one user asked if “we will be able to redeem our Zynncheers”, the Zynn social media account responded.

Another Twitter user who shared a screenshot of their Zyncheers balance. On the page, Zynn itself writes that “We have some plans about the use of Zyncheers, but we need your ideas more.”

It’s now been over a month since the introduction of the reward system and a few weeks since the app has found its way to the App Store and Google Play Store. At one point Zynn’s popularity was sky-high as it was downloaded over 3 million times. Though, one has to wonder whether not supporting a reward system will affect its longterm success over TikTok.