Google Expands Library of Visual Games on Assistant-Powered Displays

Today, Google announced an expanded library of visual gaming experiences on Assistant-powered smart displays like the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max.

Games aren’t necessarily new to Google Assistant devices, but a smart display gives users a more interactive, immersive experience since one can now see and touch whatever they are playing. Think trivia games where you can read the answers and tap the correct one, a drawing game where you guess the object, or Jeopardy!

The new games combine voice and touch controls, so make sure you sit close enough to tap the screen. One of the new games is called Guess the Drawing, and is a bit like Pictionary — you have to guess what is being drawn on screen as fast as you can. New drawings are added every day, and the game can be played with solo or in Party Mode.

YouTube video

Google also highlighted other additions like a Zork-style escape room creatively named Escape the Room. You can also find trivia games like Trivia Crack, or play with popular franchises like Jeopardy and Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

In June, Google released a handful of developer tools meant to make Google Assistant more capable. As part of that update, it announced Continuous Match mode, which allows a device’s mic to temporarily remain open instead of only listening after the Assistant finishes speaking. Google said that would allow for more realistic back-and-forth conversations with the Assistant and allow for some fun interactions.

As Google makes it easier for developers to work with Assistant and everyone searches for new home-based activities, the company says this is just the beginning. We can expect new titles to arrive throughout the year.

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