Nintendo to Ramp Up Switch Production Following Pandemic Shortages

Nintendo is ramping up production of the portable console yet again to meet the additional demand.

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Nintendo reported massive year-over-year gains in profits and revenues in its most recent quarter thanks to the Switch, and the firm increased production August, noting that it expected to sell around 25 million units this year, up from the previous projection of 19 million units.

As such, Nintendo is upping its production again, and now it expects to sell 30 million units this year. Switch sales have skyrocketed in part because of the pandemic, and in part because of the unexpected blockbuster success of the title Animal Crossing.

A continued focus on fantastic first and third-party games coming to the Nintendo Switch, as well as new rumored hardware upgrades for 2021 means Nintendo is posed to have a very successful few years.

Another interesting bit Bloomberg has slipped in is that Nintendo has asked game-makers to make their releases 4K-ready, which hints a resolution upgrade is in the works, perhaps as part of the rumoured specced-up Switch model.

A couple of weeks back, Bloomberg reported Nintendo is planning a beefed-up version of the console for 2021, which will supposedly boast more computing power and 4K graphics. While there’s been whispers about 4K gaming on Switch for a while now, it remains vague if we’re talking about native support or simply an upscaling.

With the PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S all launching this holiday, it would make sense for Nintendo to have a more powerful Switch option to attract gamers looking for better performance. It may not be able to keep up with the ray tracing and 120 fps frame rates of those consoles, but it could make titles like Mario, Zelda and The Witcher look a whole lot better.