Linus Tech Tips (Almost) Gets its Hands on Apple’s Developer Transition Kit

According to his Linus Gabriel Sebastian, the man behind the behemoth of a YouTube channel that is Linus Tech Tips, somehow came to be in possession of one of Apple’s Developer Transition Kits without actually having a professional relationship of any kind with the tech giant.

Apple released the Developer Transition Kit (or DTK) soon after they announced they’d be switching over to proprietary Apple chipsets for all of their Macs. The device was intended to help developers optimize their apps for the upcoming Macs with Apple processors instead of the usual Intel ones.

The DTK is the first Mac computer to tout Apple’s own silicon under the hood, so Apple was naturally quite secretive with it. The company went as far as to make developers who bought the DTKs sign NDAs, and developers who leaked benchmarks of the device received significant backlash.

With the kit in his possession, Linus promptly envisioned dreams of bench-marking it, tearing it down, and basically taking it out for a thorough spin. The YouTuber would soon have the rug pulled out from underneath him, however, as Apple, obviously not comfortable with his plans, got in touch with him.

Apple, one of the biggest tech companies in the world, had never before been in official contact with Linus Tech Tips, arguably the biggest tech YouTube channel in the world. However, they made contact to sort this matter out and prevent proprietary information from being shared publicly.

While the world would have absolutely loved to see what exactly the Developer Transition Kit’s mundane and monotonous exterior held inside, Linus ended up giving the device back to his source — fully intact — in order to preserve their anonymity and their standing with Apple.