M1 Mac mini is a ‘Bold New World,’ Says Linus Tech Tips

Famed tech YouTuber Linus Tech Tips took a long look at the brand-new M1 Mac mini, a computer that he, by his own admittance, thought to be “dead.”

Over the course of the video, Linus touches on a number of M1 features, and by the end of the video, is completely blown away by the computer.

He couldn’t connect an external GPU, but this might change in the future with either Mac-optimized GPUs or some tweaks to next-generation SoCs. It is possible to go past two displays, even if it does change your use of the USB4 ports on the back.

YouTube video

Overall, he found the M1 Mac mini to be affordable, powerful, quiet, doesn’t use much power, and a great way to get into the Apple ecosystem for coders. It does, however, lack expansion and in high-speed connectivity, but those are things that could change in the future.

Linus believes the M1 chip overall is a first, bold step into a new world of Mac computers — he’s incredibly optimistic about the future.

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