Disney+ Price Increase for Canada: $3 Hike in February 2021

Disney has confirmed it will be raising the price of its Disney+ streaming service in Canada, according to The Canadian Press.

Earlier this week, Disney announced it would launch Star on Disney+, bringing thousands of hours of content from 20th Century Studios, FX and its Disney TV arm. The addition of this additional content won’t be charged as an extra service, but rather a monthly price increase of $3/month is coming:

Instead, Disney Plus says it’ll increase its monthly price from $8.99 to $11.99 for all Canadian users on Feb 23, 2021, the same time Star appears on the platform’s main page.

Currently, Disney+ costs $8.99 CAD per month in Canada, or $89.99 CAD per year. The $3 monthly price increase will take it to $11.99 CAD per month, starting in February 2021.

Disney+ in just over a year has acquired 86.9 million subscribers. It’s not surprising a price increase is coming considering the extra content heading our way. In terms of its library and viewing experience (4K UHD, Dolby Atmos titles), Disney+ is one of the best streaming services available (come on, every episode of The Simpsons).

Click here to sign up for Disney+ in Canada. If you subscribe via your Apple ID, you can save via iTunes card sales from Costco.