Apple Adds Lyric Sharing Feature in iOS 14.5 for Apple Music Users

Apple has introduced a brand new lyric sharing feature in iOS 14.5 for Apple Music users.

First spotted by MacStories editor-in-chief Federico Viticci, a new feature in the latest iOS 14 beta lets users share Apple Music lyrics to Instagram and iMessage.

According to Viticci, while viewing the real-time lyrics of a playing song, users can now long press individual lines of lyrics and share them via the Actions menu.

If users choose to share via iMessage, an Apple Music card appears in the chat, even allowing the recipient to play that specific part of the song in iMessages.

Users can also select up to five lines of lyrics from a specific share screen, allowing for the creation of longer cards for use in Instagram and iMessage.

Apple has also added new gestures to Apple Music, allowing users to swipe on a song to add it to their “Now Playing” queue or library. The Cupertino company has also added new Shortcuts for screen orientation lock, screenshots, and its Voice & Data mode.