Pinterest Creating New Engineering Hub, Over 50 New Jobs in Toronto

Pinterest is expanding its presence in Toronto, Ontario.

In an emailed press release to iPhone in Canada, Pinterest says it is creating over 50 new jobs and a new engineering hub in the Canadian city.

The location will serve as Pinterest’s first international engineering hub as the company strives to add new technology into its core product.

Pinterest said that it chose Toronto as the home of its upcoming hub due to the city’s strong pool of engineering talent, particularly from local universities.

“When we look at where many of Pinterest’s engineers trained, and a large number studied at Canadian universities, which have specialized in machine learning training,” said Rahim Daya, Pinterest’s head of international product and Toronto engineering tech lead. “The quality of engineering talent in Toronto is some of the best in the world and is an ideal match to Pinterest’s unique engineering needs.”

Pinterest first opening its doors to its Toronto office in 2018, the company’s first in the country. While the office continues to exist, it’s not yet clear whether the new engineering hub will exist within that office or will be a standalone hub.

“People come to Pinterest looking for products and services to create a life they love, and helping advertisers reach these customers is essential to our mission,” concludes Erin Elofson, Head of Canada and Australia at Pinterest. “We’ve continued to see strong user growth over the past year in Canada, as well as growth in ad spend on Pinterest for Canadian-based brands.”

“Scaling our Toronto office is a top priority for us this year, including the new addition of an engineering team, so we can continue to serve Pinners and grow our sales coverage for all types of Canadian advertisers. We believe the only way we can build a product for people all over the world is if we have truly global perspectives. This is the mindset driving the expansion of our engineering to more geographies, including to Toronto.”