Waze Shares Driving Patterns of Canadians Tracked Over the Last Year

Waze has just shared an update on Canadian driving patterns over the last year as tracked by the service, noting that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Waze users in major cities across the country are still driving less now than they were a year ago. 


“Waze data is one signal governments and businesses can consider when assessing the behaviour of Canadian drivers over the last year. We’ve made our dashboard searchable by anyone to make this information as accessible as possible,” said Mike Wilson, Canada Country Manager, Waze.

Waze established a baseline of kilometres driven by Waze users of February 2020 (an average from a two-week period of 2/11/2020 – 2/25/20).

The most recent data from March 7, 2021 shows that Waze users are driving more than they were last March, but still much less than in February 2020:

  • Calgary: -38%
  • Toronto: -34%
  • Ottawa: -27%
  • Montreal: -22%

Activity briefly returned to baseline levels in most major cities on September 5, 2020:

  • Calgary: 1%
  • Toronto:-16%
  • Ottawa: 1%
  • Montreal: 2%

Waze has also made its COVID-19 Impact Dashboard publicly available to help governments and the public.