Telus EPP Plan Promo Offers $68/30GB ‘Unlimited’ Data Plan

Telus epp plan $68 30gb

Telus has introduced a new Exclusive Partner Program (EPP) plan promo, offering a $68 per month Peace of Mind plan with 30GB of ‘unlimited’ 5G-eligible data, for a limited time. Once users exhaust 30GB of data, speeds are throttled to 512 kbps.

The Telus website currently offers a 30GB ‘unlimited’ data plan for $80 per month, so this EPP plan saves you $12/month.

This promo is not as good as previous EPP promos, such as a $50/20GB Peace of Mind plan from last fall, however, notes RFD. Rogers may try to match this within their own EPP offerings at some point, possibly.

It’s worth noting a $45 connection fee applies per line activated on the account.

Below are the other Telus EPP discounts detailed in the fine print. If your employer offers Telus EPP plans, you should log in to the online portal and see what’s available.

There’s also a Peace of Mind Connect Plus plan of $90/30GB that includes an iPhone 12 Pro Max on a two-year term.

Simple Share plan EPP discounts:

  • 10% off 10GB
  • 20% off 20GB
  • 30% off 50GB

Peace of Mind plan EPP discounts in Quebec, Saskatchewan and Manitoba:

  • 15% off 10GB + 5GB bonus
  • 30% off 40GB

Peace of Mind plan EPP discounts in the rest of Canada:

  • 15% off 15GB
  • 30% off 40GB