Uber to Double its Technical Staff in Toronto By End of 2021

Uber Technologies Inc. plans on doubling the Toronto-based technical team for its Canadian operations by the end of the year — reports BNN Bloomberg.

To do so, the international ride-sharing and food delivery operator has announced that it will hire 60 individuals in engineering, data science, design, and product management roles.

Uber’s new hires will facilitate the creation of two new teams in Canada, with the first being tasked with managing, upgrading, and building products and infrastructure for the service, as well as improving rider experience (Uber certainly doesn’t want a repeat of late-2019).

The second team will be focused on innovation — memberships and how they can be improved, new plans for partnerships, exclusive offers, and integration.

“Canada is a hot spot for tech talent globally, and our Toronto team has led the strategy and development of many important products and platforms like Uber Commute and Uber Eats Ads”, said Neil Barakat, the lead at Uber’s Toronto tech site, in a statement.

“These projects have helped to evolve how Uber operates in communities around the world. We’re excited about the opportunity to expand and build new local teams and grow our imprint in the Canadian tech ecosystem”, he added.

New blood in the team could also go a long way in helping with Uber Direct, which is fairly new in Canada, especially since Uber had to terminate 3,000 employees last year at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic due to decreased demand for the service.