Koodo Mobile Increases Price of Additional Data to $130 for 1GB [Update]

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Telus flanker brand Koodo Mobile recently increased its prices of data overages to $13 for 100MB, or $130 for 1GB.

Previously, Koodo charged $10 for 100MB of extra data, but it appears the company quietly made the change in the past month or so.

All Koodo plans come with “Shock-Free Data”, where customers are alerted at 50%, 90% and 100% data use thresholds. Data is paused when you hit 100% of your limit and users must agree to add more data.

You can see the screenshot below from the Koodo website showing additional data now billed at $13 for 100MB.

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Last month, Koodo backtracked on its introduction of province-wide calling plans, due to consumer backlash. Prior to the reversal, the new policy meant Canada-wide plans would cost $5 more per month.

We’ve reached out to Koodo to find out exactly when this change was made and will update this story accordingly. The change looks to have happened within the past two months or so. Update: February, as per the statement below.

In comparison, Virgin Mobile charges $10/100MB up to the first 800MB, and then $0.15/MB after, or $15/100MB. 1GB of extra data works out to $110 ($80 + $30 for 200MB) on Virgin.

As for Fido, extra data costs aren’t listed on the website. The company only references the Fido app and your online account for purchasing extra data. When Fido launched its data overage protection feature in 2019, 1GB of extra data could be purchased for $15.

Again, if you are with Koodo and you plan to use extra data beyond what’s available, be aware it will now cost you more.

Update April 22, 1:23pm PDT: A Koodo spokesperson told iPhone in Canada the following emailed statement regarding this change:

In February, we increased the cost of pay-per-use data rates from $10/100MB to $13/100MB. This affects customers who exceed their allotted monthly data bucket. Koodo customers can view their data usage information at any time by logging into Koodo Self Serve, and with Shock Free Data, customers receive a SMS notification when they reach 50%, 90% and 100% of their data usage so they can plan ahead.

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