iPhone 13 Leak Hints at Reverse Wireless Charging [VIDEO]

Image: EverythingApplePro E A P on YouTube

In a recently published roundup of iPhone 13 (and more) leaks on YouTubeEverythingApplePro lent authenticity to reports of the iPhone 13 lineup featuring larger wireless charging coils inside the chassis.

YouTube video

Apple may very well incorporate larger wireless charging coils to compensate for the stronger MagSafe magnet array being rumoured for the iPhone 13 lineup.

Bigger wireless charging coils will allow for better heat dissipation, making it possible for this year’s iPhones to tolerate higher wattage and make wireless charging faster overall.

What’s more, however, bigger wireless charging coils could also facilitate reverse wireless charging — a feature that has alluded iPhone users thus far.

In other news, Apple looks to have finalized the iPhone 13’s design, and diagonally-positioned rear cameras for the iPhone 13 and 13 mini are all but confirmed.

Speaking of the iPhone 13 mini, it will quite possibly be the last of its kind — all reports point to 2022’s lineup of iPhones to not include a 5.4-inch ‘mini’ model.

Portrait Mode video and sensor-shift Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) for ultra-wide cameras across the lineup have also been confirmed for this year’s iPhones.

Apple is making good time on production and we should see the new iPhones launching on Apple’s usual schedule, so sometime in mid-September. Whether this year’s iPhone will be called the iPhone 13 or the iPhone 12S (or something else entirely), remains up in the air though.

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