How to Follow Team Canada at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics on Twitter

After being delayed last year due to COVID-19, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are set to kick off on Friday, July 23, 2021. It has become quite clear that Twitter is among the platforms Canadians use to keep up with the Summer Olympics, with insights from Twitter Canada showcasing a 59% growth in sports-related tweets across the country as we head into the games.

To that end, Twitter Canada has launched a number of new Twitter experiences that make it easier for Canadian sports fans to keep up with the Tokyo Olympics, talk about them on the platform, and represent Team Canada.

Team Canada Twitter Topic

Following the Team Canada Twitter Topic will automatically bring the top Olympic tweets revolving around Team Canada to your Twitter feed.

Team Canada Twitter List

Following the Team Canada Twitter List will automatically follow the Twitter accounts of over 250 Canadian athletes named to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic team.

Team Canada Twitter emoji

Tweet with #TeamCanada to unlock the exclusive Team Canada Twitter emoji.

Real-Time Olympic Sport Facts With #ExpertEngine

Tweet to the official Olympics Twitter account (@Olympics) with #ExpertEngine and an Olympic #Sport to instantly get an invaluable factoid pertaining to that sport in response.

Image: @Olympics on Twitter

Twitter Canada has also published a detailed blog post on how Canadian sports fans can follow the Tokyo 2020 Olympics on the platform. Obviously, the best way to keep up with your favourite match-ups in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is to stream them live.