Corning Gorilla Glass for Smartphone Camera Lenses are Coming

Image: Corning

According to The Verge, Corning Inc. has has announced two varieties of a new glass composite designed for smartphone camera lenses — Gorilla Glass with DX and Gorilla Glass with DX+.

Every single one of the camera lenses on your phone has a protective glass covering to prevent damage to the actual photosensitive equipment underneath. The glass needs to combat scratches and impacts, but also has to allow enough light to pass through to the lens for optimum image quality.

Gorilla Glass with DX/DX+ is designed to provide “advanced optical performance, superior scratch resistance, and durability,” says Corning.

This new Gorilla Glass is a re-engineering of another version of Gorilla Glass DX that Corning previously offered for smartwatches. According to the company, this purpose-built Gorilla Glass is much tougher than traditional glass composites, but also manages to let in more ambient light in comparison.

Here’s a video from Corning explaining how the company was able to strike the perfect balance between scratch-resistance and optical performance:

YouTube video

According to Corning, Gorilla Glass with DX and Gorilla Glass with DX+ let in 98% of ambient light as opposed to 95% on traditional glass lens covers, all while offering the same scratch resistance as the widely used Gorilla Glass 6.

Gorilla Glass has been a regular on smartphone screens and backsides since as early as the first iPhone, and it looks like we’ll soon see it protecting our camera lenses as well. Corning has revealed that Samsung has already signed on as the first company that will be incorporating the new Gorilla Glass camera lens covers in its devices.

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