Apple Music May Make its Way to PlayStation 5 in the Near Future

Apple may be planning to bring the Apple Music app to PlayStation 5 consoles. The music streaming app has already appeared for a small number of users, indicating that a proper launch could very well be around the corner.

Although Spotify has been accessible on PlayStation 5 since the console first launched last year, Apple Music has not seen support on the console throughout the console’s first year on the market. That might change as a Reddit user first discovered that Apple Music appeared on the music menu option on PlayStation 5.

Source: u/HOLYWARS1990

According to u/HOLYWARS1990, upon the attempt to link a Spotify account to the PlayStation 5 console, the option to download Apple Music appeared. Though, when selecting to install Apple Music, a message saying “This app is playable only on PS4” appeared.

Eurogamer was also able to corroborate the image’s authenticity. It failed to receive the option to download Apple Music on a UK account. Though, upon the creation of a new US account, Eurogamer did receive the same prompt.

Apple has been showing more willingness to expand the number of non-Apple devices its services exist on. Apple Music is currently available on a number of Android devices, Google Nest, and even Samsung TVs. Apple and Sony have even collaborated on a partnership recently, inviting PlayStation Plus subscribers access to six months of Apple TV+ for free.

Apple is hosting its ‘Unleashed’ event on Monday, Oct 18. This may be an opportunity for a short announcement from the company. The question still remains of whether Apple Music will only be coming to PlayStation 5 or if Xbox Series X/S will also receive support for the app as well.