How to Airplay from iPhone to Older, Unsupported Macs

Back in June, Apple announced macOS Monterey — the latest iteration of the company’s consumer Operating System for computers, with a host of improvements and new features.

One of these features is ‘AirPlay to Mac’, which lets users AirPlay content from their iPhone or iPad to their Mac’s stunning Retina display.

macOS 12 Monterey became available to download late last month. While Macs dating back a good few years (all the way back to 2013 in the Mac Pro’s case) will be getting the Monterey update, AirPlay to Mac is only available on Mac computers from 2018 or later.

Considering the fact that even the oldest Macs getting the macOS 12 update have striking high resolution, high pixel density Retina displays, that’s a bit of a disappointment.

Not to fear, however — user c8ex27 recently shared a Mac shortcut on Reddit that can enable AirPlay to Mac on any older, pre-2018 unit.

Shortcuts are another new feature baked into macOS Monterey. According to Apple, you can use Shortcuts on your Mac to save time by “automating the things you do most, and combining multiple steps into just one.”

Be warned, however: you’ll have to disable System Integrity Protection (SIP), a security feature that prevents potentially harmful software from modifying protected system files on your Mac, for the shortcut to work. So proceed at your own risk. When you reboot your Mac, SIP is turned back on by default.

You can download the Shortcut here.

Given the ability to AirPlay to an older, unsupported Mac, through a Shortcut, it seems odd Apple would limit the feature just based on the age of computers in the company’s lineup. Apple would never do such a thing!

Thanks Shubham

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