Steve Jobs-Inspired Custom iPhone 13 Pro Debuts for $9,000

Image: Caviar

As reported by men’s digital lifestyle magazine HiConsumption, Caviar has just launched a custom iPhone 13 Pro series that pays homage to late Apple founder Steve Jobs and also features pieces from the very first iPhone.

Caviar describes itself as “an international brand of exclusive designer smartphones and accessories handcrafted from luxury materials.”

The company doesn’t shy away from creating some over-the-top designs that scream luxury, like a $70,000 iPhone 11 Pro with 137 diamonds and 0.5 kg (1.1 lb) of pure gold or last year’s (more modestly priced) Elon Musk-themed iPhone 12 Pro.

This time around, Caviar has gone for a more understated (by their standards) look that serves as a tribute to both one of the most influential pieces of technology ever created, and the individual who created it.

The series is even named after the original iPhone — on Caviar’s website, you’ll find the boutique iPhone 13 Pro phones listed as ‘iPhone 2G’.

Caviar’s iPhone 13 Pro features a chassis made of aviation-hardened titanium, with the lower part of the body sporting a titanium finish with a black PVD coating and an engraved signature of Steve Jobs.

The body is adorned with precision-engraved depictions of the device’s components, with traces connecting all of them like the circuitry on a microchip.

On the inside, well, it’s an iPhone 13 Pro. And we all know how good those are.

Caviar’s ‘iPhone 2G’ take is available as both an iPhone 13 Pro and the larger iPhone 13 Pro Max. In patented Caviar fashion, the series will be produced in a limited quantity: 19 units, in this case.

Pricing starts at a whopping $6,990 USD (around $9,000 CAD) for an iPhone 13 Pro with 128GB of internal storage. In comparison, a “normal” base iPhone 13 Pro can be had for $999 USD ($1,399 CAD). Umm…yeah…hard pass?