Amazon Expanding Prime Video’s Watch Party Feature on Smart TVs and Streaming Devices

Amazon is expanding its Prime Video “Watch Party” feature to non-Amazon smart TVs and streaming devices. Moving forward has now become easier to sit down and remotely watch an episode of a series or movie with friends and family.

Previously, the Prime Video Watch Party function was exclusively available on Fire TV devices, the Prime Video app on iOS and Android. Plus, users could take advantage of it through a browser. However, those without a Fire TV device were left by the wayside. As TechCrunch reports, that appears to no longer be the case. Now, viewers can set up a Watch Party on a number of smart TVs, streaming devices, and even an Xbox or PlayStation console.

When using Watch Party, viewers can set up a session of up to 100 people to watch content at the same time. All members must have a valid Prime subscription. The host of the Watch Party can control playback features such as play, pause, skip, fast forward, and rewind. Plus, all members of the Watch Party can chat and take part in the social aspect of the feature.

Amazon’s Prime Video Watch Party first got legs during the early days of the pandemic. While the company had been testing the feature on Twitch with select streamers, it wasn’t until everyone was stuck inside that Watch Party became such a success. In 2021, Amazon expanded support to Fire TV devices.

Amazon isn’t the only streaming service to enable this type of viewing experience. Disney+ offers its GroupWatch feature, which offers similar functionality.