Wordle to Let Players Sync Stats Across All Devices Soon

Have you ever wished you could play Wordle on any device you want and have your wins and stats count across all of them? The New York Times, which acquired the viral word game in January, is making your wish come true.

Players will soon be able to link their Wordle progress and stats to a new (free) or existing New York Times account, the publication said on Tuesday.

This will allow Wordlers to play the game on any of their devices on any given day. As long as they’re logged in, they’ll continue to collect bragging rights for guessing the word of the day.

The publication said in a tweet that the feature has already started rolling out to players. If you don’t see an option to link your account right now, it will make its way to you “soon.”

The NYT went on to warn that once you link your stats to an account, you cannot unlink the two.

Wordle added “tens of millions of new users” to The New York Times during the first quarter alone. It looks like the publication’s acquisition of the game for low seven figures is certainly paying off.

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