Fido, Virgin Plus Back to School 2022 Plan: $45/15GB Matches Koodo in Quebec

fido virgin matches koodo $45/15gb quebec

Yesterday we told you about Koodo’s back-to-school 2022 promotion for Quebec only, in the form of a bring your own device plan at $45 with 15GB of data. At the time, flanker brand rivals Fido and Virgin Plus had yet to match the offer from Koodo in Quebec.

As expected, one day later, Fido and Virgin Plus are now also offering this same $45/15GB plan for customers in Quebec.

The plan includes unlimited nationwide calling and international messaging, along with usual extras such as basic voicemail, call display and circle calling. Virgin Plus limits its 4G speeds to 150 Mbps, while overages are billed at $15/100MB up to 800MB and $0.15/MB afterwards ($137 for 1GB of data overages!).

Existing users should be able to switch over to this promo plan in Quebec. Just head into your account online and you should be able to change your plan, if you’re in Quebec.

Currently, another back-to-school 2022 offer for Koodo, Fido and Virgin Plus is a $45/20GB plan for bring your own device, available at corporate and retail stores.