iPhone 14 vs iPhone 14 Pro Cameras Reviewed: 48 Megapixels Can You Tell? [VIDEO]

iphone 14 vs iphone 14 pro

Professional photographer based out of Calgary, Tyler Stalman, is back with another review of the latest iPhone cameras.

Stalman shared a video comparing the iPhone 14 versus the iPhone 14 Pro, showcasing whether 48 megapixels matter in the latter camera, and if regular viewers can spot the difference.

When it comes to well-lit environments, Stalman says the differences aren’t huge when zooming in on full-resolution images. “Detail is about the same,” said Stalman, while examining the pixels of zoomed-in images.

When it comes to low light details, the iPhone 14 Pro shows a slightly sharper difference. But it’s subtle, says Stalman. iPhone 14 low light is a bit “mushy” at times when compared to iPhone 14 Pro.

Comparing iPhone 14 versus iPhone 14 Pro night mode “there was not a big difference”. The iPhone 14 Pro showed more saturation in details in low light and less noise in low-light portrait mode photos though.

Check out Stalman’s full review of the iPhone 14 versus the iPhone 14 Pro below when it comes to cameras. Overall, Stalman said the iPhone 14 is still a pretty good camera. He says by using an editing app, that’s how you can improve your photos.

YouTube video

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