Microsoft’s PC Manager App Works Like ‘CCleaner’ to Boost Performance

Microsoft is developing a first-party alternative to the popular computer optimization tool CCleaner, called “PC Manager” — reports The Verge.

Like CCleaner, which comes from the makers of the Avast suite of antivirus and security applications, Microsoft’s PC Manager is designed to boost Windows computers’ performance.

PC Manager offers metrics like memory usage and space consumed by temporary files. Users get a simple “Boost” button that can optimize PC performance with one click by freeing up memory and deleting temporary files. These measures can often improve performance significantly on older machines

The Microsoft app also comes with some more in-depth features, including a “health check” for gauging PC performance, storage management, and the ability to easily end processes right from the app. It also allows users to control which apps launch on startup.

The app’s storage manager allows users to analyze installed apps and remove ones that they rarely use or don’t need anymore. There’s also a full cleanup scan that can locate large files in storage.

Most of PC Manager’s features are already built into Windows — they’re just scattered here and there. Microsoft’s new solution congregates everything into one location and makes all of the features more accessible.

PC Manager even comes with the ability to easily change default browsers on Windows, which Microsoft previously faced backlash for making harder than it should be.

The app is designed to run on Windows 10 and above. PC Manager is currently in public beta and has appeared on Microsoft’s official Chinese site. Microsoft recently submitted PC Manager to the Microsoft Store, but its listing remains hidden.