Retrace Your Steps with Backtrack on Apple Watch [VIDEO]

Apple has shared another great Apple Watch feature video on its YouTube support channel, explaining how you can turn on the Backtrack feature in the Compass app for the Apple Watch to track and save your route.

Watchos 9 apple watch ultra backtrack

The Compass app shows you the direction your Apple Watch is pointing, your current location, and the elevation.

Whenever you begin a hike, it is always a great idea to turn on Backtrack in the Compass app. In case you get lost, you can tap Retrace Steps and follow an arrow to find your way back.

Before you start a Backtrack session, go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Location Services on your iPhone and check these settings:

  • Tap Compass, then make sure that Precise Location is turned on.
  • Tap System Services, then make sure that Significant Locations is turned on.

Watchos 9 apple watch ultra compass 1

To retrace your steps:

  1. Open the Compass app on your Apple Watch.
  2. Tap the Backtrack button (footsteps). The Backtrack button becomes a pause button and the Compass begins tracking your route. You can continue using the other features of the Compass app, and Backtrack stays active even if you open a different app on your watch. If you lower your wrist, the Compass app returns to the forefront because your Backtrack session is still active.
  3. Tap the pause button when you’re ready to go back to where you started, then tap Retrace Steps. Your starting location appears on the compass.
  4. Start walking in the direction that you came from, indicated by the bouncing arrow, following the white line in the Compass app back to where you started.
  5. Tap the animated Backtrack button when you’re finished, then tap Delete Steps

You can also start Backtrack from the safety screen. Press and hold the side button until Compass Backtrack appears. Drag the Compass Backtrack slider to the right to start Backtrack.

Backtrack is available on Apple Watch Series 6 and later, including Apple Watch SE, with watchOS 9 and later.

YouTube video

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