Tesla Plans 60,000 Sq Ft Showroom and Service Center in Hamilton

Tesla is planning to open a 60,000 sq. ft showroom and service center in Hamilton, Ontario at the CF Lime Ridge shopping center, The Hamilton Spectator is reporting (via Tesla North).

Tesla s3xy hero

The multi-million-dollar investment will see a former retail center reworked into a Tesla storefront and service center.

Mall owner Cadillac Fairview will reportedly present the changes on February 2nd at a committee of adjustment meeting for the city council.

“It’s a fantastic proposal,” said councillor Esther Pauls. “It’s going to be huge. It’s going to be a hub for Tesla.”

Even though the project requires a minor policy variance, it is reportedly well-supported by the city’s council.

Paul, who is among the proposal’s supporters, expects the work to begin in the coming weeks before the new Tesla showroom opens in early 2024.

Here’s what Tesla real estate manager Kyle Mazzone wrote last year in his letter to Cadillac Fairview senior director Michael Peiser:

“Tesla vehicles do not have internal combustion engines (ICE), thus vehicles do not have fuel tanks, use oil, exhaust systems, transmission or many of the other components that require the storage and use of hazardous materials on site or traditional vehicle ventilation,” the letter states.

The service work at this location will be standard servicing of electric vehicles, including software updates, tire replacement, tire balancing, alignment, paint-less bolt-on panel replacement, and/or dent removal.

Our batteries are completely enclosed and don’t give off any chemical vapors. When replaced, there are four points to uncouple the battery from the vehicle, and then it is sent to one of our remanufacturing locations for refurbishment.”

Tesla has reportedly been lobbying for a factory in Ontario, although there has been no official word yet regarding the matter. The electric automaker’s goal is to reach 20 million cars produced per year, and in order to do so it will require building 10-12 Gigafactories, says CEO Elon Musk. Tesla produced a record number of cars in 2022, seeing 47% growth year-over-year to 1.36 million.

Currently, there are Tesla factories in California, Nevada, Texas, Germany (Berlin), and China (Shanghai).