Phil Schiller Joins Mastodon After Deleting Twitter Account

Former Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller, who deleted his Twitter account back in November following Elon Musk’s takeover, has now officially joined Mastodon.


Schiller has also confirmed to 9to5Mac that his Mastodon account is official. John Gruber has also confirmed that Schiller’s Mastodon account is official.

In one of his first posts, Schiller is promoting Ivory – a new third-party client for Mastodon created by the Tweetbot developers.

When Schiller deleted his Twitter account, he never confirmed the reasons why he did it.

However, it happened the same week that Elon Musk criticized Apple for not running advertisements on his social media network.

Musk, however, later met with Tim Cook at Apple Park, where he claimed to have had a great conversation with the Apple CEO.