Uber and Uber Eats Apps Get New Privacy Features

In celebration of Data Privacy Week, Uber Canada has announced new privacy features for the Uber and Uber Eats apps for consumers.

Uber Apps

Uber has added industry-first “View as a Driver” and “View as a Delivery Person” features to its apps, which let you select what your driver or delivery person can view.

The features are designed to help consumers understand what personal information a driver or delivery person on the Uber platform has access to.

Users can now select exactly what information is viewable, including details like their first name and last initial, delivery address, and customer notes.

“As you know, drivers and delivery people often meet you right at your doorstep.

While most interactions are delightful, we do know that there can be the odd interaction that may leave consumers looking for confirmation about what information drivers and delivery people can see.

By making features like “View as a Driver/Delivery Person” available, we can increase transparency and offer consumers extra peace of mind upfront.”

This feature also confirms what Uber never shows your driver, such as your payment method, phone number, or the rating you give your driver or delivery person.