Samsung, LG to Start Mass Producing First OLED iPad Displays Soon: Report

Samsung and LG are gearing up to start mass production of displays for Apple’s first OLED iPads, according to a report from the South Korean publication ETNews (via MacRumors).

The information comes from Ross Young of Display Supply Chain Consultants, a well-known industry analyst. According to Young, both South Korean display manufacturers will produce “hybrid” panels for Apple, using a mix of flexible and rigid OLED technologies.

Earlier reports suggest that Apple’s first iPads with OLED screens will reportedly be 11.1-inch and 13-inch iPad Pro models, due to come out sometime in 2024. After its first OLED iPads, the tech giant is also expected to unveil a 13-inch OLED MacBook Air as well.

Young previously reported that both the upcoming OLED iPad Pro models and the OLED MacBook Air would use “two-stack” displays, with two red, green, and blue emission layers to increase brightness. The tipster also believes that all of Apple’s upcoming OLED devices will feature the company’s ProMotion tech for a variable refresh rate of up to 120 Hz.

Compared to the backlit LCD displays on current iPad and MacBook models, OLED screens are more power efficient, get bright, and have accurate blacks and a higher contrast ratio. They also don’t carry the risk of backlight bleed, unlike LCDs.

Apple has already shifted to OLED displays for the iPad and Apple Watch. The company is reportedly also working on microLED screens, which will be designed in-house instead of leveraging technologies developed by display makers like Samsung and LG.