Apple’s Former Design Chief Creates Logo for King Charles

Image: Apple

Apple’s former chief design officer, Sir Jonathan Ive, designed the official logo for King Charles III’s upcoming coronation (via the BBC).

Ive is known for spearheading the design efforts behind some of Apple’s most iconic products, including the original iPhone. He left Apple back in 2019, but he helped the company with some of its products — such as the 24-inch M1 iMac that came out in 2021 — even after his departure.

More recently, the British design mastermind was tasked with creating the emblem for King Charles’ coronation. Ive and King Charles have previously collaborated on the Terra Carta Seal, an award given out by the former’s design firm to companies that are making efforts towards sustainability in their products.

According to Ive, his floral design for the logo embodies the “optimism of spring” and reflects the King’s love of nature.

“The design was inspired by King Charles’s love of the planet, nature, and his deep concern for the natural world,” the former Apple bigwig said.

Check out the logo below:

Image: The Royal Family

Ive’s design will be used for events over the coronation long weekend that’s slated to kick off with the King’s coronation at Westminster Abbey on May 6. The logo features a rose, thistle, daffodil, and shamrock — all emblems from across the United Kingdom. It is also available in a Welsh-language version.

The May 6 coronation will include a carriage procession and traditional appearances on the Buckingham Palace balcony. It will be followed by a music concert and light show at Windsor Castle on Sunday, May 7.